Whether you are wanting a chic cut, asymmetrical or a cut featuring textured layers that frame your face. Our stylists are ready to transform your look.


We offer you rich blonds, warn tones or lustrous multidimensional effects to enhance any look you desire.

Keratin Treatment

A Keratin treatment is a hair smoothing process that uses a protein called keratin to eliminate frizz, reduce curl, and enhances shine.


We will lighten small sections of hair by foiling to create contrast and add dimension


Balayage is a hair technique where color is hand painted on to sections of hair for a natural , blended look. Balayage offers a low maintenance option since regrowth lines are much less noticeable.

Color Correction

We will fix or adjust color of hair that has been dyed or bleached without the desired outcome by additional toning or coloring to correct and balance hair color.

Reconstructive Treatment

These treatments are beneficial for restoring health to hair that has been chemically treated or exposed to environmental stressors.